Entering the Land of Pura Vida

Five days in and wow have we learned a lot. 1.) Never take anything United says over the phone seriously (apparently we couldn’t have 7 checked bags – bye, bike helmet, water bottles, t-shirts and day pack). 2.) When people in the states get fed up with cars not sharing the road they have no idea how good they have it. 3.) The beauty of these mountains on a crisp, blue sky day is grounding and something we can always come back to when this move feels overwhelming or scary. Escazú is a perfect mix of comfort and newness and is a place where I know the two of us will grow, flourish and be happy. It’s not a destination where you would spend a lot of time when in the country on vacation but it’s a place that very easily feels like home and is a great jumping off point for the rest of the country.

Our apartment is located on the 5th floor of Condado de Baviera. After buying an embarrassing amount of cleaning products to tackle the floors, we think we have made it dirtier than it was when we started. The condo has everything we need (this entire moving process has been a wonderful exercise in what we need versus what we want). We also brought a few tokens from home to make it feel like ours. We realized we didn’t bring enough pictures of our friends and family so grabbing all our picture frames is number one on our list when we are back in December!

Not speaking the language has been both humbling and inspiring and the progress we’ve made, while small, has been exhausting but rewarding. On our first night it was all we could do to whisper “lo siento, no entiendo” to anyone we met and since then we have had keys made (at the Costa Rican equivalent of Home Depot) and have returned cleaning supplies (at Wal-Mart) all in Spanish. I never realized how much I thrive off of connections and being unable to connect those first few days was exhausting and intimidating. Now that school meetings have started and we’ve found some of our ex-pat community we are faced with the charge of continuing to venture out of our English-speaking comfort zone. It would be easy to stay within our bubble and interact with people who share many of the same experiences and who speak our language but that’s not why we’re here. So here’s to sounding absurdly gringa and slowly but surely finding confidence within the language, to taking in what we can, and to making sure we embrace every opportunity to grow and reflect.

Thanks for following our adventure. Buenas noches!

– K

PS – A special shout out to Laura Cooper (my Spanish 1 teacher) – most of what has allowed me to get by I learned from you when I was 14.

Our little man slowly adjusting

Our little man slowly adjusting

Comforts from home

Comforts from home

View from school

View from school

Not a bad place to work

Not a bad place to work

View of San José from our bedroom

View of San José from our bedroom

I keep trying to take pictures of the view from our apartment and it’s not doing it justice. You’ll just have to come see for yourself!


2 thoughts on “Entering the Land of Pura Vida

  1. So beautiful! Thanks so much for giving me a peek into your amazing journey! Wishing you lots of love, laughter, light, and heart-growing lessons. 🙂


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