Week 2: Crocs, Bananas, and Settling In

The number of times I’ve said, “This rocks” this week is only outnumbered by the number of times I’ve gone back and forth about whether or not to post this picture of a chocolate covered banana.


They sell these delicious frozen morsels in the pulpería near my school for less than $1 – danger. I’m also not too proud to let everyone know that I walked about 5 minutes in the opposite direction of my classroom to take this picture in the most scenic spot in the school. It deserved it.


I also met this little guy – Roscoe. He is a one of my co-workers 3-month old Bull Terrier and he rocks (I’m so descriptive).

This week all the returning teachers were on campus so it was fun to to feel to energy and to get a wider perspective on the school. It’s nice to be able to ask questions and to take the lead from people who have an idea what’s going on. I got my first taste of what my counseling role will look like which is super exciting and I’m feeling ready to get going with Bio and Physics. You can only plan so much before you just want to get going. First classes start Tuesday – I’ll keep you posted.

Today (Saturday) included another trip to the beach but this time we checked out Playa Herradura and Playa Jacó. These are right near where we went last week (Playa Hermosa) but all three have their own flavor. East Coast girls born and raised, we keep flinching when we first put our feet in the water (waiting for the icy Atlantic) only to be pleasantly surprised by the inviting Pacific. Admittedly, I love being lazy and laying on the beach. I could do it all day. At least I could do it all day in New Hampshire. But let the record show – I CANNOT hang with the tropical heat and sun. I lasted about five minutes. Luckily the water was perfect, the waves were just right, and the rip tides left us alone so Em and I spent an hour acting like little kids diving under waves and floating around. We later walked the beach and saw this friendly little green guy and massive scarlet macaws. Herradura is definitely the most swimmer friendly beach, Hermosa has beautiful black sand, and, with all the surfers, Jacó is like a scene from Blue Crush (sadly without Michelle Rodriguez). Here are some highlights from our day at Herradura.

IMG_2870IMG_2842 IMG_2859 IMG_2862

One thing I will say is that it might have been a bad idea to visit crocodiles BEFORE we went to the beach. These guys rock (there it is again). They are so prehistoric looking. One of my colleagues said that his bucket list includes going to this bridge and throwing live chickens to the crocs – we want to see them eat something SO badly. I have to say that activity is moving up on my list as well. The crocs are massive and so powerful and just mock you while they float in the water. There were some pretty ballsy birds and lizards moving around and the Bio teacher in me started nerding out talking about symbiotic relationships. Apparently someone died at this bridge last year trying to swim across the river. These things mean business. Even though Herradura was 20 miles away from the bridge and there are no crocodiles there, we both kept holding our breath and wishing the water was a little more transparent as we waded around. Em made sure to do the Gator clap every few minutes to remind us how insignificant and powerless we really are. Anyway, those things are really cool and I was happy to see them from the safety of the bridge. Props (and RIP) Steve Irwin – you had guts.


We’ve been wanting to keep working on our Spanish but haven’t had a way to connect our podcasts to the car stereo. We have a tape deck (2004 Nissan X-Trail – oh ya!) and, of course, threw out a tape deck adapter back in the states. It hurt a lot to spend $20 on this adapter at Radioshack but we are now much more clear on Ser vs. Estar and how to say, “The black cats drink warm milk.” I’m sure that phrase will come in handy.


Bye for now. Pura vida!


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