Nosara: Weekend Surf Adventure

Thursday night we headed to Chubbs, an American style sports bar, to watch the Pats game. I wore my Amendola jersey and was so happy to see other Pats jerseys there – I knew I was among friends. Many CDS folks, football fans and Brady haters alike, joined us and were able to witness my New England obsession. At one point I thought Amendola scored a touchdown and stood up on a stool and started pounding my chest and pointing to my jersey. Turned out it was a Scott Chandler TD – but whatever.

Pats Pats Pats

PS – I have Gronk on one of my fantasy teams so I was nice and annoying on that front as well. You can take the girl out of New England but you can’t take the New England out of the girl.


This weekend Em and I headed to Nosara – a town on the Nicoya peninsula which is on the Northwest side of the country. We planned this weekend over a month ago by reading the moon schedule (nerd alert). We were hoping to see the arribada, a time when thousands of olive ridley turtles come onto the beach on Nicoya to lay eggs. Turned out we were off by two days (damn you, moon!) so the turtles had come and gone before we arrived. We weren’t able to change our accommodations so we decided to make the best of it and find something else to do in Nosara.

We found a great guy, Kimbo, to teach us. He was super professional, gave us a good low season rate, and pushed us just enough that we want to keep learning. Check out his business if you ever want to learn to surf in Nosara.

Learning something new like this was very humbling for a few reasons. First, it’s much harder learning something like this at my age (that is such an old thing to say – #2monthsto30). It’s so embarrassing but I am so much more scared of getting hurt than I was when I was young. I think back to the good old days of bombing down the trails at King Pine every winter weekend. I went over moguls, I went through the woods, and I tucked all the way down the mountain. These days, if you can even get me on the mountain, I banana curl all the way down and shake my fist at kids who blow past me. Part of this new found scardycatness is that I don’t recover as well as I used to (#backsurgeryat29). As I type this, I can barely lift my arms up over my head. Surfing is no joke. My triceps, lats, and biceps are in spasm and the bruises on my hip and knees are comical. We keep finding bruises by the minute.

The bees knees Hip carnage

Regardless, it was so worth it and both of our backs are still functioning. We are calling it a win.

The second reason it’s hard to learn something like surfing is that my mind gets it but my body is a little slow on the uptake. Part of this has to do with the fact that I can’t touch my toes – every year my New Years resolution is to stretch more – you can tell how that’s going. Also, walking to school and playing hoops once a week just ain’t cutting it. I need to up my exercise game. There was also a lot to think about – feet together, push your chest up, paddle, look back, three paddles, ball of your right foot up to your knee, breathe in, breath out, pop up, stay low, and when you need to bail jump off the back. Needless to say, it took a while.

By the end of the two days we were both getting up and able to ride the white water to shore. We stayed in close and were hanging with waves after they broke. While I wanted to look like this I’m pretty sure I looked more like this. We have at least two years to work on it and neither of us can wait to go again.

The third reason we felt so humbled was because of the power of the ocean. You truly are at the mercy of the waves. Kimbo let us keep the boards so we could surf on our own in between our sessions. We went to the beach a little before sunset to try. It turned into us trying to get out to the waves, getting crushed, and then sitting on the shore for an hour watching the legit surfers. The waves were too close together and they were too big. We definitely couldn’t hang. This was another time when we checked our guts and knew that even though we wanted to get out there we weren’t ready. We ended up seeing an incredible sunset and some of the richest blues and purples I’ve ever seen. This country just keeps getting more beautiful.

Nosara is an incredible town because there are no street lights and the only roads are dirt roads with massive, massive pot holes. We had our 4×4 car but really what you should have is an ATV which is what most people drove around. I consider myself someone who is comfortable in the dark but this was a whole new shade of dark – really neat and terrifying all at the same time. It was low season so very few places were open which meant it was right up my alley. I don’t like crowds so tourist spots can make my skin crawl. This was definitely the time to be in Nosara.

We stayed at this really cool place called Green Sanctuary. We found it on Airbnb and they have 8 cabins all made out of shipping containers. The inside was beautiful and the couple built the entire place themselves. We definitely hope to make it back there again.

Green Sanctuary Guard dog Our container Green Sanctuary

Both days we went for great walks on the beach. We are still shocked that neither of us got burnt with how many hours we spent in the pounding sun. This was definitely the most humid place we’ve been in Costa Rica (we have said that EVER weekend – when will it stop?).

Saturday stroll Stunning What a trooper Favorite beach yet? Hard to know. Nosara

On Saturday night we went to a beautiful restaurant right on the beach. We walked around and said that this would be a gorgeous place to get married. As Em finished that sentence the song that we played as we walked out of our wedding ceremony came on. It’s a bizarre/awesome song but I’ve rarely heard it played anywhere. I love that kind of shit. The food was incredible and the fish was so fresh – nom nom nom.

Also, Em has some weird reaction to mosquitoes – check out what happened after being outside for 1 minute after the sunset.

Bugs are the worst


Tuesday is Costa Rica’s independence day so we have the day off. We are laying low this weekend (at least no overnights) but hopefully there will be many more adventures to come!

Pura vida.



One thought on “Nosara: Weekend Surf Adventure

  1. Wow… so great that you are both open to new adventures and the unknown.. even in the deepest darkness or pounding waves… way to go all the way!


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