It’s Gourd Season…

As my newsfeed starts to fill with pumpkin beers, sweatshirts, and colored leaves I am starting to hit my first wave of homesickness. Fall is always such a great time of year in New England. Not only is it beautiful but it’s a great time to get together with friends, watch football, and get in the last days of grilling. Not to worry, Em is on it and suggested we make my favorite fall treat yesterday. It was a huge hit and made some of that homesickness go away. Still no tears which is a huge accomplishment for me. That’s a lie, I cried last time we Skyped with these fools:

Miss these fools

Whenever I get sad I tend to walk outside and realize I will NEVER have to wear gloves and I usually feel better pretty fast. Also, here is the link to my favorite article about fall (viewer discretion is strongly advised).

I’m looking forward to seeing my family over Thanksgiving break. It will be odd to miss my first (possibly ever) Winchester Nicholson Thanksgiving but I’m looking forward to showing my mom, dad and Jeff around. We will be spending some time in Manuel Antonio which will be great. We also booked our flights home for the winter holiday. We will be stateside 12/22-1/3 so we have some great events on the horizon. Looking forward to seeing this dude at Thanksgiving.

Pats for life

He’s been kind enough to offer to teach me some music theory via Skype. I don’t think he knew what he was signing up for…

The last few weeks have been pretty low key as we’ve stuck around Escazú on the weekends. Last weekend we had a school event on Saturday afternoon and Em is getting ready to leave at 6 am tomorrow morning to spend a week working in Philly.

Last weekend we headed to our favorite beach (so far), Playa Herradura, on Sunday morning. We spent a solid 4 hours there and were on the road home (to beat the traffic) by 1:30. We’ve started to get it down. We have a cooler, we have solid tupperware, we have beach chairs, and I have my travel guitar. There are some great spots in the shade so we can hang out all day. Having a cooler full of salami and cheese helps too. #professionalbeachgoers


This Saturday we headed to Oktoberest about 30 minutes from Escazú with a crew from CDS. And yes, that is a camelback of water that I’m carrying. Always need to be prepared.

Solid Crew#7 beer offerings

It started out innocently enough until we found the Durex game station where we played “pin the tail on the sex position” and “shoot a ball into the hole.” Needless to say, with this crew we were #1 in the land and earned over 60 tickets.

We won ticketsPIn the tail on the sex position?

On Sunday we got up early to head out and do the Three Crosses hike up in San Antonio. It was a super clear day and we were already in awe of the scenery 5 minutes into the hike. You can see the whole Central Valley from there and it seems as if we  might be able to see the whole world from the top.

Gorgeous view Taking in the sights

30 minutes into the hike one of the dogs in our crew TOOK OFF. Like, “I’m out of here and never coming back” took off. It was scary for a while but eventually (1-2 miles later) got him back. On our way through the woods/through a farm we kept having to go under barbed wire. I decided this was a great opportunity to take a selfie.

Great time for a selfie

Once we reunited with Max we were all too tired to restart the hike. Em and I headed home and decided to head to the nicest hotel in Escazú. We heard they had an incredible infinity pool and it did not disappoint. We spent the day here, after just walking through the lobby and claiming some chairs, and $12 and 2 piña coladas later had a relaxing Sunday afternoon.


This past week we also made my FAVORITE dish of all time – grill shrimp with avocado salsa. It’s so good. I also just finished making some homemade meatballs. Like I said, homesickness = comfort food.

Now that the rainy season is coming in full force, Milo is being particularly cute when there is thunder by helping himself to the corner of the blanket on our bed. Also, I didn’t feel it but we experienced our first tremor this week (it was only a 4.6 and doesn’t count as an earthquake until 5.0). Em felt it in our apartment on the 5th floor. Glasses were shaking and Em describes it as sitting in a big truck at a stoplight. I now have something new to worry about 24/7. Great.

IMG_3741 IMG_3742

Finally, if you don’t have a Bitmoji – you should. It’s an incredible app that allows you to make yourself into a caricature and send obnoxious texts to everyone. Here’s mine:

bitmoji-20151004191403 bitmoji-20151004191422

Also, if you want to be able to text with us download WhatsApp on your phone. It’s been really fun still being able to send one liners to many of our friends and family. If you get the app let me know and I’ll send you our numbers.

Random thought – the view from the gym at our apartment is pretty cool as it looks out over our pool. See if you can tell how hard it’s down pouring in the picture.


Finally, Pats had a bye week and are looking strong but my fantasy football teams continue to SUCK. Looks like I will be 1-3 in both leagues by the end of this week. I don’t know why this brings me so much shame but it really does. This pretty much sums it up:


Also, if you’re looking for a good movie to watch you should see “Me and Earl and the Dying Girl”. It’s excellent.

That’s it for now. Happy fall.



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