Adventures of a Long Weekend

I’m sure we’ve all had the moment where you you feel like if you have to go to work ONE more day you will snap and then BAM – you are hit with an extra day off and once again everything is good in the world. I wasn’t that close to losing it but I was absolutely giddy leading up to the long weekend. We’ve been in meetings/school since August 3rd so it was time for an extra day. Unfortunately, Em was in the States for work/visiting fam so she couldn’t join in on the adventure – I know she was there in spirit. I had made plans to head to Playa Flamingo with a great crew from CDS. Now that we’re back I can say I haven’t laughed as much as I did this past weekend since we moved here. It was a blast and so fun and so refreshing.

We (2 science teachers and 2 math teachers – don’t worry there were definitely conversations about derivatives) rented an airbnb at Playa Potrero just north on Playa Flamingo. Another science teacher was a few condos down thanks to a surprise visit from her bf (major props, Kevin!). Our place was right on the beach, had a great little pool, and had the most comfortable beds I’ve slept on in months. We came prepared with foods, drinks, tunes, and board games so we knew it would go well.

A quick recap of the weekend before we get to the pictures (I know that’s really all you are interested in).

Friday night – we arrived after a long drive and played some Scrabble and made Bitmojis for Callie and Tara. Believe me – besides the fact that I had ALL vowels, this was a killer Friday night. We spent about an hour perfecting the Bitmoji looks and it’s creepy how close they are to Callie and Tara. It was well worth the effort. We spent the rest of the weekend sending each other Bitmoji’s from across the table. Again, if you haven’t made a Bitmoji – what are you waiting for?!?


Saturday – Spring Break 2015. We forgot about how old we are and started the day off right with Bellini’s at brunch and kept it going all day. Essentially we went back and forth between the pool and the ocean and whether we wanted to be drinking Pilsen or Rosé. Not a bad day. We celebrated Lauren’s birthday and made sure to toast her at every moment.

View from the pool Spring Break Saturday nachos Sunset swimming Heaven The Ladies The Men Canines watching us swim Best swim ever

Sunday – We paid for acting like we were 21. We pretty much passed out in the sun by the pool until 1 when it started to rain. At one point you might have actually thought that we all died (see photo below). We headed inside, did some reading and some football watching, and then learned to play Bridge. We are now HOOKED on bridge and played for the rest of the day/night. Sunday was essentially the opposite of Spring Break. And it rocked too.


Pats on a rainy Sunday

Monday – We soaked in some last minute sun and left the house for the first time. We went to Playa Flamingo and (shocker) played some more bridge. We had about 30 minutes of playing in the sun but then it started to rain. It was nice to see other parts of the area. My parents are coming to Playa Flamingo over Thanksgiving Break so it was fun to see where they will be and to be able to give them some tips. Before we left town we headed to Playa Danta for some more Bridge and an incredible lunch of blackened snapper, tuna burgers, and craft beer. It was heavenly and a great end to our family vacation. On the way home we hit miserable traffic which turned a 4 hour drive into a 6 hour drive. I have never had so much fun playing car games as I did with this crew and the fact that I wasn’t once close to screaming at other cars tells you something about the company of which I had the pleasure of spending the weekend.

Morning walk on the beachFamily lunch

Em is home and returned with all the goodies that we ordered – sneakers, basketball shoes, Reese’s peanut butter cups, Annie’s mac and cheese, face wash, and way too many bathing suits. It was like Christmas came early.

We are now back to reality and counting down the weeks until Thanksgiving break. We are also looking forward to a Halloween escape in Guanacaste, my 24th birthday, and this weekend doing a day trip to the beach and a hike.

A few thoughts after the week:

#1 – I am not ready for the local grocery store to have Christmas supplies. Get it together, Automercado!!

Automercado - get a grip

#2 – It feels important to share this image of MC and Katy (they are famous on here) who broke out their Halloween costumes mid-Skype to help us think of a couples Halloween costume.


if you have any ideas under the theme of Celebrity Couples – holla at me.

#3 – Babies make the world go round. Look how big and adorable this one is getting! I decided to swallow my pride and post this picture given the state of my face because of how STINKING cute Avery is. Come on. You know it’s true. Friends, and their babies, make the world go round. Skype dates are the best.

Screen Shot 2015-10-15 at 6.29.20 PM

That’s it for now. Had a great long weekend and hope you all did too. Many more adventures to come.

Pura vida.



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