Mules in Costa Rica

I am fortunate to have made friends for life when I attended Colby College from 2004-2008. #gomules.


I connect more with this image

Mule with C Sm

But I can understand why they made the switch

I played basketball with some of the most fun loving, hardworking, genuine people I have ever met. The type of people who, no matter how long it’s been, you pick up right where you’ve left off (cliché I know – but it’s true).  Over the last month, two of these greats (T and Jax) made trips down to visit me and Em. As I started to miss them the second they left, and as I looked through the pictures of our adventures together in Costa Rica, it made me think a lot about everything we have gone through together and how far we’ve come. Seriously – we have come a LONG way since 2004. So I powered up my hard drive and went for an awkward, cringe worthy ride down memory lane to relive a lot of the wonderful memories I have with Tanya and Jackie. Below are some highlights:

Disclaimer: You will notice that I kept out pictures from freshmen and sophomore year. I was going to put some in here and then realized I might lose the 2  aforementioned friends if I used them. You can use your imagination I’m sure.


Cotillion 2006?

Colby 030

THE boa


Senior Spring


Doghead 2008

207858_559825423355_2249096_n (2)

Post College


Our wedding – 2013

I hope you all noticed that the pictures got less absurd as time went on. That’s the trend that we are hoping to continue as we go through our lives together. Fingers crossed.

One thing that we keep reflecting upon about visiting is that there is a huge difference between getting dinner with someone and really going away together. Having dinner you hear the “who, what, where, when” etc. of life. It’s a blast and always so, so wonderful to see everyone. But when you go away together and have multiple days and nights, you have time for the big conversations. How you feel about what’s going on with your job, your spouse, your family, what have you. About your current hopes, dreams, fears, plans, body aches. How you are really managing all of a sudden being an “adult.” It’s so fun to have these conversations with people who have known you for years and years because it helps you reflect on how much you’ve grown and changed. So thanks, T and Jax for giving me the opportunity to reflect and for opening up about where you guys are in your lives.

Jackie and Greg’s Visit

Jackie and Greg were true ballers and came down for about 10 days. Em and I were fortunate enough to meet up with them for a long weekend in Dominical. We rented a beautiful airbnb and spent hours catching up, laughing, lounging, swimming, and making new memories together.



Happy Birthday, Matt! We missed you.


Greg didn’t know what he was getting himself into when he ordered the Red Snapper.


Friday afternoon swim


Our airbnb was the best



Saturday afternoon excursion in Hacienda Barú



We thought these monkeys were cute until we were surrounded by ~50. Then it got Planet of the Apes really fast. We ran away.




Any hike that includes a stop at the beach is great in my book





Representing cdub in Costa Rica


Saturday night sunset swim



Sunset drinks




Sunday morning waterfall excursion





Last night cheersing

Thank you, Jackie and Greg, for spending your free time down here in Costa Rica. Can’t wait to connect again this summer.

Tanya’s Vist (Playa del Coco)

The week after Semana Santa, T was a trooper and jumped on a plane to spend a 4-day weekend in Costa Rica. For those of you considering visiting – seriously it isn’t that far. Depending on the flight, it’s quicker to get to Costa Rica than to California from the East Cost. Just saying – thinking about it…

The 2.5 days we spent together felt more like a week (and we were asleep by 9:45 every night – what a victory). It’s amazing how much you can accomplish in a day when you don’t sleep until noon.

On Friday, T and I hit up Playa del Coco and Playa Hermosa. On Saturday we went with Em to Playa Penca (first time for us – one of my favorite beaches I’ve been to for sure) and a resort with a great pool. Lots of laughs, cards, chatting, and swimming. Boston had some snow, right?


Friday beach day


Friday night dinner at the Look Out


Em was a trooper and tried an oyster with us


What a view. Coolest beer glass ever.


Lounging at Playa Penca


T soaking it in


Em getting some laps in at Playa Penca


Smiles for days


The view from our overroad drive to the beach


Pretending I know what I’m talking about


How lucky am I?


Selfies for days


Saturday afternoon we spent some time at a resort with an infinity pool – not bad at all


Saturday night sunset beach walk



What a weekend


Please come back soon!

In summary, if you come visit us we will eat a lot of good food, go swimming, drink beer (if you want), laugh, talk about life, see animals, sweat a lot, and take selfies (if you want). You may or may not put yourself at risk of having photos from the early 2000s posted on the world wide web – but I promise that it’s a risk worth taking.

Pura vida.



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