Early May Adventures

As I write, we are officially less than a month away from our move back to the States. Em is a little sick of my daily countdowns – but I guess we all process things differently. We have a lot coming up in the next few months – a summer session at Wolfeboro, lots of work travel for Em, a car search, an apartment hunt, a new school, reunions with friends and family (my dad will be home from Ghana for 3 weeks this summer!) – so it’s easy to look ahead. With that being said, this country is too beautiful, and the time with our CR family is too valuable, to wish away the days. We are trying to pack in as much as possible while also responsibly preparing for the next step. Fingers crossed.

One of the biggest lessons we hope to bring back from our time here is the sense of adventure. I can’t count the number of times we have hopped in the car and driven 5-6 hours for a weekend trip over the past two years. I can count, on one hand, the number of times we did that in the previous 7 years. This is a silly example but I keep using it; Em and I never went to Vermont together. VERMONT! Burlington is 3.5 hours from Boston and we just never got around to it. So our hope is to keep this going – to keep exploring, to keep learning, and to keep expanding our views and experiences. Again – fingers crossed.

Sam and Meg’s Visit – Turrialba

At the beginning of May, Em’s brother Sam and his girlfriend Meg came down for a hot second. They arrived Friday night and flew out Monday afternoon – they get huge props for making the trip. Over the course of the long weekend, we went white water rafting in what is known as one of the top rafting rivers in the world and then spent two nights at an incredible Airbnb. It was in a super remote part of the country, a 4×4 was ABSOLUTELY necessary for our arrival, and I never wanted to leave. It was one of the most comfortable places I have been in a long time. It was a farmhouse on a working farm and at the same time was extremely modern. Em and I now know the type of house we want to buy. The farmhouse was made for lounging and chatting and playing cards and we made sure to do plenty of all three.

The house also had a massive collection of hats and we made sure to wear those during most of our waking moments.

Thanks, Meg and Sam, for coming down and being our last visitors in Costa Rica. So happy you made it down.


We survived rafting.


Favorite pic of the trip




Hats for days


Can you tell they’re related?







Of course



An intense game of Estes



Hamlin trait – can nap anywhere


Fancy breakfast



Turrialba erupting behind the house


FullSizeRender 2





The garden was absurd. Here is a sampling:

Weekend Away with Annie and Eduardo – Río Celeste

This past weekend we headed to Tenorio with our friends Annie and Eduardo (the couple who, in March, pulled off the most beautiful Costa Rican wedding of all time). Tenorio is home to Río Celeste. Río Celeste is known for its Gatorade Ice blue water. There are no filters on these pics – it is really that beautiful.

We stayed at a French lodge that had a breathtaking view over two volcanos and included delicious dinner and breakfast. When we were hiking we made sure to enjoy the scenery and then took advantage of the unique, extremely green accommodations while laughing, playing cards, and drinking wine late into the night. We did a quick hike on Sunday and ran into an anteater – so it was pretty much an A+ weekend. So happy we got to explore this part of the country and that we got to share it with such great company.


Not a bad lunch spot



Green on green on green


Bon appetit




Yikes bikes



Late night visitor



Seriously it was this blue



Taking it in



Normal river meets insane river


Hopping the fence




Since I started writing this post we have planned trips for some of our last weekends here – Montezuma and Manuel Antonio for sure – so at least the sadness of leaving is leading to good things.

When in Turrialba, we set our alarm for ~5:00 so we could watch the sunrise. Here I am taking it in (with the help of a warm blanket). Let this picture be a reminder of how precious these last 2 years were and how much more lies ahead.IMG_4043.JPG


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