The Final Countdown – Beach Weekends

Montezuma (weekend of May 19th)

A few Fridays ago, Em and I headed to Montezuma on the tip of the Nicoya peninsula. The journey included a 1.5 hour car ride, a beautiful hour-long, sunset ferry ride, and another hour car ride. It was a beautiful start to the weekend (even though we almost missed the ferry).




We stayed at an unbelievable Airbnb. If you ever find yourself in Montezuma, you MUST stay here. Our plan was to explore the beaches and do a waterfall hike. In the end, we barely left the property and the pictures will tell you why. There was an infinity pool, a yoga platform overlooking the ocean, and Buddha statues everywhere.




Sunrise view


Morning reflections




We stayed in our own little casita and the owner, Lokita, had a house on the property as well. The casita had a patio that was perfect for lounging and reading and relaxing. We spent the entire weekend reading, doing yoga, jumping in the pool, repeat. We left the property twice – to go get food.

Here is a quick video of the grounds and our peaceful casita (and the birthday boy).

We realized that most of our weekends are jam packed – we like to hike, meet up with people, and explore the area – so we rarely get to just chill and relax. We gave ourselves permission to just relax this weekend and it was fantastic.


This is where we (obviously) spent the majority of our time.



Milo got to spend his 10th birthday sans-Zula on the perfect porch – he was pretty happy.


Pura vida

The garden on the property was spectacular as well.


While we were in Osa during Semana Santa, the howler monkeys were out of control. It felt like they were in bed with me from 2 am -4 am. I have regretted not taking a video ever since. So when the howlers were blessing us with their presence at 5 am on Saturday morning – I knew I had a chance to redeem myself. This isn’t as dramatic as it was in Osa but it gives you an idea of how loud and insane sounding howler monkeys are. Every time I think it’s the Black Smoke from Lost.

Manuel Antonio (Memorial Day Weekend)

Over Memorial Day weekend, Em and I headed to Manuel Antonio with our friend Callie. This is where we spent Thanksgiving with my parents and Jeff two years ago. We thought we would be back a handful of times but we hadn’t been back since – it felt like a great place to go for our last trip.

On Saturday, we headed into Manuel Antonio National Park for some hiking, wildlife, and swimming.





Raccoon with a collar?


Just hanging


View after climbing 300 stairs


Worth it


Spirals of nature





Last beach selfie

After spending a few hours in the park we decided that, since we are adults, we can have cake for lunch. It was UNREAL.


Treat yo self


View from “lunch”

On Sunday, we found a hike right down the road from our Airbnb. The directions said to go to the river and there “may or may not be a trail.” Just “walk down the river for 30 minutes and you will arrive at a 30 ft waterfall.” What could go wrong? We had a blast and were so happy to have Milo and Zula running around, off leash. We were joined by 2 dogs from the neighborhood. Zula is still learning how to interact with other dogs so this was a huge win. She almost looked like she was having fun.


Dog friends





Figuring it all out



Green for days





So – I hate heights. And I’m a huge baby when it comes to jumping off things. I wish I could blame the rope swing incident of 2001, but I was a weeny before that. However, the knowledge that we were leaving in 3 weeks gave me the courage to jump and I’m so glad I did. Conquering fears always feels good. I even climbed up and jumped a 2nd time.


Launch moment




Made it!

Em and Callie both jumped too – bravo. Sorry, I don’t have any documentation. Lots of stretch moments all around. Here is Em contemplating her jump:


There was a rope swing at the waterfall but you can be damn sure I didn’t go on it. There was a couple at the waterfall and the guy asked if I was going to go on the rope swing. I told him no and that I had had a rope swing accident – when I showed him my arm he said that it was the most legit phobia he’d ever heard of. I agree.

For those of you who haven’t seen my deformed arm, I had a rope swing accident in 2001 that left my arm permanently weird. For example, I stood on the left side at our wedding so my “weird arm” wouldn’t be visible in pictures. Long story short, when I jumped off a rope swing at 15, the rope wrapped around my arm and I was hung by my arm for a good 5-10 seconds. There were lots of heroics on the part of my uncle Wally and somehow nothing broke or was dislocated. The ER had no idea what to do with me so they took some x-rays, gave me some Advil, and put it in a sling for a few weeks. The experience definitely taught me a lesson – don’t take risks and play it safe. Just kidding – but for real – that might be a little part of why I tend to prefer to be in control at ALL TIMES.



2001 – Here was my arm a few days after the accident. There are so many things wrong with this pic – the cut-off, the visor, the friendship bracelet necklace – adolescence is never kind.

So that’s it – 2 beautiful weekends away and a trip down memory lane.

We fly out 11 days from now and there is a lot to do between now and then – including selling our car which is not going well/not fun – but I know the time will fly by. Ed Sheeran concert tomorrow night which should be a blast.

We will write one more post as a final reflection on our 2 years here. But if you couldn’t already tell, we don’t regret a thing.



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